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UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center

UCLA and Campus-Specific Resources


The QTBIPOC Space is an intentional space to build community, envision and work toward our liberation, and have a chance to decompress and enjoy creative expression. This space exists as a disruption to the White classist hetero-normative standards of the institutions we are engaging with and part of and creates a means of coalition building between QTBIPOC on campus and in community. Head to the weekly programs page to learn more and sign up!

QTBIPOC Student Organizations at UCLA

UCLA's LGBTQ student group for those of Afrikan descent.

Pan Asian Queers (PAQ):
UCLA’s Pan-Asian LGBT student group. This group is currently inactive. If you are interested in starting or facilitating the group, contact Jaime Estepa at

UCLA’s South Asian LGBTQ student group. This group is currently inactive. If you are interested in starting or facilitating the group, contact Jaime Estepa at

La Familia:
UCLA’s Latina/o LGBTQ student group. La Familia is currently inactive. If you would be interested in reviving La Familia, please contact Jaime Estepa at

If you are interested in initiating a student group for LGBTQ Bruins, at any intersection, identity, or interest, the LGBTQ CRC is more than happy to support you and answer your questions. Contact Jaime Estepa at!

Other Identity-Focused Resources

Afrikan Diaspora Resources


The Tenth (Magazine)
The Tenthis a media organization that documents the history, ideas, aesthetics, and politics of the Black LGBTQ+ community. Through our digital platforms, events, and biannual publication, they engage some of the world’s most talented artists and intellectuals in journalistic endeavors and creative encounters that reflect the contemporary Black queer experience.

Hood Rave
Hood Rave is an underground party experience in LA organized by black women and brings Afrodiasporic club music to the forefront.

Black Lesbians United Retreat
The BLU retreat is an opportunity for women of African Descent to celebrate, build community, and share good times with women who love women.

Financial Wellness

Tackling Disparities in Finances for Black and African Americans
During the last five decades, the Black community has had limited access to building wealth for generations. A closer look at wealth in America reveals staggering racial wealth disparities. You can find several tools and resources below to help tackle a few financial challenges and develop ways to create wealth for yourself and your future family.


Communities of African Descent Resource Kit
GLAAD's Communities of African Descent (COAD) Resource Kit provides guidelines, terminology, and contact information for leading black LGBT organizations and individuals as tools for more inclusive, fair, and balanced coverage of the black LGBT community.

National Black Justice Coalition
NBJC is a civil rights organization dedicated to empowering Black lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The Center for Black Equality
Our mission is to promote a multinational LGBT network dedicated to improving health and wellness opportunities, economic empowerment, and equal rights while promoting individual and collective work, responsibility and self-determination.


Black AIDS Institute
Founded in May of 1999, the Black AIDS Institute (BAI) is the only premier uniquely and unapologetically Black think and do tank in America powered by two decades of work to end the Black HIV epidemic and led by people who represent the issues they serve.

Understanding and Addressing the Social Determinants of Health for Black LGBTQ People: A Way Forward for Health Centers:
An educational resource for health providers discussing Black LGBTQ health.

Asian and Pacific Islander Resources


Q&A Space
Our goal is to provide API LGBT youth who do wish to come out and are struggling with the process with linguistically appropriate and culturally confident tools and resources to come out to whomever they'd like at whatever time they're comfortable. When we see the diversity and depth of experiences of Asian Pacific Islander LGBT people, we can grow closer as a community.

*Please note that this resource has not been updated for several years. It is retained on our website due to student feedback and request.

SAADA- Queer Brown Feelings Archive (South Asian)
SAADA (South Asian American Digital Archive) has a section called "Queer Brown Feelings" which explores feelings, perspectives, visions, and memories from queer and trans South Asians. You can explore the archive (in both written and audio formats) and submit ideas of your own.

The Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association (Religious)
An international organization dedicated to the teachings of Lord Caitanya, the importance of all-inclusiveness within His mission, and the Vedic concept of a natural third gender.


API Equality
We are a statewide collaboration of API Equality – LA and Northern California—two of the leading organizations advocating and organizing for fairness and equality in the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) communities.

Satrang (South Asian)
A cultural, social, and support organization providing a safe space to empower and advocate for the rights of the South Asian LGBTIQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Intersex, Queer and Questioning) community in Southern California through education, networking, and outreach. Satrang works toward ending gender and sexuality based prejudice.

Asian/Pacific Gays and Friends
AP/GF is an non-profit, social and educational group established for gay Asians and friends who share an interest in Asian cultures and experiences. A/PGF's primary purpose is to provide a supportive environment where the interaction between members is enjoyable, safe and enriching.

Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgender Community
APIQWTC provides opportunities for Asian & Pacific Islander queer women and transgender people to socialize, network, build community, engage in inter-generational organizing, and increase community visibility.

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry (Religious)
The Asian and Pacific Islander Roundtable envisions the emergence of coalitions and networks of API-LGBTQ and API allies across the country that affirm the dignity and spiritual wholeness of API-LGBTQ people of faith.


Asian Pacific Aids Intervention Team (APAIT) (HIV/AIDS Care)
To positively impact the quality of life for medically underserved communities living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS and other health disparities through culturally competent and linguistically appropriate programs in Southern California.

Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. (Healthcare)
Offers a full spectrum of health services for patients of all ages including general diagnosis and treatment, behavioral health services, walk-in pregnancy testing, testing for HIV/AIDS and STI’s, and screenings for bone density, breast, and cervical cancer. Looking for some answers regarding your insurance plan? Having difficulty paying for your medical care? Need help completing enrollment forms? We’re here to help.

Prism Foundation
Prism Foundation empowers the Asian & Pacific Islander LGBTQ+ community by raising critical funds and mobilizing resources to build a more just and equitable society. They currently provide academic scholarships to non-traditional API LGBTQ+ students and core funding to under-resourced and underrepresented local community organizations and projects. Instagram

Latinx Resources


The Network/La Red [Bilingual]:
A survivor-led, social justice organization that works to end partner abuse in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, BDSM, polyamorous, and queer communities. Rooted in anti-oppression principles, their work aims to create a world where all people are free from oppression. They strengthen communities through organizing, education, and the provision of support services.

Asociación Internacional de Familias por la Diversidad Sexual (FDS) [Español]:
FDS is an organization that aims to maintain family unity. They fight for the safety and well-beingof their gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members, giving them support in dealing with a hostile society. FDS promotes information and education as tools to eradicate hatred, prejudice, homophobia, and all forms of related discrimination.

Advocacy Organizations

TransLatin@ Coalition
The TransLatin@ Coalition is an organization form by Trans Latin@ leaders who have come together in 2009 to organize and advocate for the needs of Trans Latin@s who are immigrants and reside in the US. Since its inception The TransLatin@ Coalition has done advocacy work across the US to ensure the voices of Trans Latin@s are heard. The TransLatin@ Coalition’s sole purpose is to address the unique and specific challenges and needs of Trans Latin@s who live in the United States. Working with policy makers and supporting organizations we find solutions to our unique needs and create structural changes to better our quality of life.

Unity Coalition (Bilingual)
The first & only organization for the Latino | Hispanic | LGBTQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) - advancing Equality since 2002.

Immigration Equality (Bilingual)
A national organization fighting for equality under U.S. immigration law for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-positive individuals . Immigration Equality provides legal aid and advocacy for LGBT and HIV-positive immigrants and their families.

Famlia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement
Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement (Familia: TQLM) is the only national organization that addresses, organizes, educates, and advocates for the issues most important to our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) and Latino communities. Familia: TQLM is inclusive and serves of all LGBTQ Latinos, Latinas, and gender nonconforming individuals. We also collaborate with non-LGBTQ families and friends who support our vision of a united LGBTQ Latino and Latina community.

Health Resources

Bienstar [Bilingual]:
A unique non-profit social service organization dedicated to positively impacting the health and well-being of the Latino community and other underserved communities in Southern California.

The Wall-Las Memorias Project [Multilingual]:
Serves low-income and hard to reach communities throughout Los Angeles—educating community members on the importance of HIV/AIDS, substance abuse prevention and community building in the LGBT community.

Somos Familia [Bilingual] (Families)
Somos Familia supports Latino famillies with children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer and conducts education to create family and community acceptance. The group was started by two mothers to support other families with similar experiences.

Native American Resources

Retention of American Indians Now! (RAIN!) (UCLA Resource)
Provides comprehensive support services to all students on-campus in order to address a wide variety of needs: academic, personal, social, cultural, and spiritual.

Two-Spirit Society of Southern California:
Two-Spirit Society of Southern California exists to restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating a forum for the spiritual, cultural and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people.

We're actively working to expand the resources on this page to support QT Native American Bruins as much as possible. If you know of any resources that you would like to see featured, reach out to us!

MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) Resources

Arab LGBT Movement Speaks Out

A monthly magazine that concerns the LGBTQ community from all around the world and dedicated for people who live in the: Middle East, for foreigners who live in the Arab world, for those new-gay-to-be, for those who're away fom home and for those who're intereseted in entering the world of My.Kali.

Arab Cultural and Community Center of San Francisco:
A non-profit organization devoted to promoting Arab art and culture; annual Arab festival; offer referrals and services for health, immigration and ESL.

Tarab NYC
A masterlist of resources for queer Middle Eastern folks, which covers a variety of locations and identities.

We're actively working to expand the resources on this page to support QT MENA Bruins as much as possible. If you know of any resources that you would like to see featured, reach out to us!